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Hebei Congben Vehicle Fittings Co., Ltd. is a professional auto parts manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. We focus on manufacturing and supplying high-quality filters (air filter, air cabin filter, oil filter, fuel filter, water separator, etc.), spark plugs, brake pads and other vehicle accessories. Our products are used in automobile, truck, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other industries. We have exported to more than 200 countries and received high praise for good quality and good after-sales service. We have a professional team of engineers to develop new products according to customers' requirements.

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Hebei Congben Vehicle Fittings Co., Ltd.,a professional Manufacturer of auto parts,is a factory with more than 15 years experience.


Widely used for many kinds of products, including Car, Truck,…


We are the professional supplier of auto parts in China.…


1,We can provide the competitive price and high quality product.…


OEM&ODM/ 24-Service/ Professional technical personnel

Latest News

  • What is carbon deposition?

                              What kind of thing is carbon deposition? Carbon deposition includes two concepts: The first concept is the carbon deposition of the engine: a charred substance produced by unsaturated olefins and resins in the fuel at high temperatures during the engine's operation. The second concept is carbon deposition in electric discharge machining, which should…

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  • If this situation occurs, car owners should pay attention!

                        I drive every day when I go out, but drivers who often drive, especially those who are older drivers; I don't know if everyone has encountered such a problem: after a few years of use, the power of the car will significantly decrease, and fuel consumption will also increase, and there may even be a sudden…

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  • Why does it squeak after changing the brake pads?

    The reasons for abnormal noise when braking after replacing the brake pads include: insufficient running in of the brake pads, loosening of the brake pads, material of the brake pads, mismatch between the brake pads and the vehicle model, and defects in the brake system itself. Insufficient running-in of the brake pads can cause abnormal noise in the brakes. When we replace the brake pads with…

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  • What is the reason for the strong gasoline smell after starting the car

    The reasons for the strong smell of gasoline after starting a car include: insufficient combustion of gasoline, aging of rubber pipes, and leakage at the connection of gasoline pipes. Due to insufficient combustion of gasoline: The gasoline smell is very strong when the car starts, and if it disappears after heating up, it is a normal phenomenon because the combustion effect is not good when the…

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