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Holiday notice:

  Holiday notice: It can be ordered normally and production will start at the end of January.Please arrange the order time, the earlier the order, the earlier the production. Happy Chinese New Year to all bosses in advance!!!  

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Today is the Laba Festival in China

In legend The ancients believed that adults and children were in poor health It’s because of evil spirits These evil spirits are very afraid of Chidou At the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month People cook porridge with red beans In order to dispel the epidemic and welcome the good fortune This custom has been handed down gradually Special Materials for Laba Porridge Some practices are delicate and complicated Such as yellow rice, white rice and rice And peeled jujube paste After cooking Dye porridge noodles with red peach kernels It looks pleasant to the eyes   The…

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2023 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Dear Partner: Hope my notice finds you well. The Spring Festival in 2023 is approaching, first of all thank you for your support in 2022 in order to better cooperate with the festival To ensure the effective implementation of orders, according to the production schedule and the holiday situation of outsourced suppliers, our company’s annual leave and order arrangements are as follows: Holiday arrangement: 2023.01.13~2023.1.28 Order schedule-Formal custom orders and non-stock orders: 1.For orders that need to be shipped before holiday, please place an order before December 13th 2.Orders received after December 13th will be processed as soon as possible according…

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