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How often does the car air filter change?

Generally speaking, car air filters are replaced every 10000 kilometers or 6 months. If used in areas with high dust and poor ambient air quality, the maintenance interval mileage should be shortened accordingly. In addition, the inspection and replacement cycle of the air filter may vary slightly for different brand models and engine types. It is recommended to check the relevant regulations in the maintenance manual before maintenance.
The main function of an air filter is to filter impurities in the air and provide clean gas for the engine to work. During this process, impurities in the air are adsorbed on the surface of the air filter. After reaching a certain mileage, the filtering effect is already poor and must be replaced in a timely manner. In addition, when the car is found to be weak, the engine sound is muffled, and the fuel consumption is high, the air filter should be replaced in a timely manner.
If a dirty air filter is used during driving, it will cause insufficient intake of air into the engine, incomplete fuel combustion, unstable engine operation, decreased power, and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, cars must maintain the cleanliness of the air filter. During maintenance, the air filter is usually replaced at the same time as the engine oil, engine filter, and fuel filter (excluding the dirty fuel in the fuel tank).