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What will happen if the car filter is not replaced?

Car filters play a crucial role in vehicle operation, as they are responsible for filtering impurities from the air, fuel, and engine oil entering the engine to ensure its normal operation. If the car filter is not replaced for a long time, it will have a series of negative effects on the car:

Firstly, not replacing the filter can lead to poor engine intake, as the air filter can be blocked by impurities such as dust and sand after long-term use, making it difficult for the engine to obtain sufficient clean air, resulting in weak acceleration and insufficient power.

In addition, the blockage of the fuel filter can also affect the fuel supply, causing engine malfunctions such as shaking and missing cylinders.

Secondly, long-term non replacement of the oil filter will make it difficult to effectively filter out impurities such as metal debris and carbon deposits in the engine oil. These impurities will circulate inside the engine, exacerbating engine wear and shortening its service life.

More seriously, long-term failure to replace the oil filter may also cause blockage of the oil pump, leading to serious engine failure.

Therefore, in order to maintain the normal operation of the car and extend its service life, car owners should regularly replace the car filter. When replacing filters, it is recommended that car owners choose a legitimate brand of filter and replace it according to the manufacturer’s prescribed replacement cycle.

At the same time, car owners can also regularly check the use of the filter. If any blockage or damage is found in the filter, it should be replaced in a timely manner.