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Why does it squeak after changing the brake pads?

The reasons for abnormal noise when braking after replacing the brake pads include: insufficient running in of the brake pads, loosening of the brake pads, material of the brake pads, mismatch between the brake pads and the vehicle model, and defects in the brake system itself.
Insufficient running-in of the brake pads can cause abnormal noise in the brakes. When we replace the brake pads with new ones, it is likely due to insufficient running-in of the brake pads and brake discs. The newly replaced brake pads have a smooth surface, so when they first come into contact, the contact area is very small. It is normal to make a sound before the brake pads are worn in, so there is no need to worry too much.















Caused by loose brake pads: When the brake pads are loose, not assembled properly after disassembly, damaged after parts collision, or brake pads, the friction between the limit pads and the brake disc will also make a sound. Under normal circumstances, it is normal for the vehicle to make a squeaking sound after being cold or wading in water. However, if there is a noticeable abnormal sound at any speed, it is recommended that the owner return to the 4S or repair shop as soon as possible to investigate the cause.










Brake pad material caused: When the brake pad material is hard, it is easy to produce this kind of abnormal noise. The abnormal noise generated by this material of brake pads is relatively sharp, which can be solved by replacing the brake pads with softer materials.













Causes of mismatch between brake pads and vehicle model: When the brake pads do not match the vehicle model, there will be a strange sound when braking, so we need to replace the brake pads that match the vehicle model.











Due to defects in the braking system itself: The braking system is a safety system, which means it is a life-saving system. Any abnormalities will cause abnormal sounds. The best way is to seek professional help as soon as possible.