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If this situation occurs, car owners should pay attention!











I drive every day when I go out, but drivers who often drive, especially those who are older drivers;
I don’t know if everyone has encountered such a problem: after a few years of use, the power of the car will significantly decrease, and fuel consumption will also increase, and there may even be a sudden decrease in speed or shaking of the steering wheel.












In fact, the reason for these faults is very simple, because not properly maintaining one’s own car leads to the failure of car parts, which leads to a series of situations such as insufficient power and high fuel consumption.
In fact, we must have a common sense in car maintenance. For example, the three parts mentioned below must be replaced at 60000 kilometers no matter how rumor goes.
Because 60000 kilometers is a “big hurdle” for new cars, if these components are not replaced in a timely manner, it is easy to leave safety hazards!












Reminder to car owners: After reaching 60000 kilometers, these four types of parts must be replaced even if they are not damaged. Don’t be fooled by them

01. Automotive brake system

The brake pad is one of the important components of the braking system, which is very important for ensuring vehicle safety. In general, it is recommended to replace the brake pads every 40000 to 60000 kilometers. However, due to the different materials of the brake pads, everyone’s driving habits and driving conditions, it is necessary to check the thickness of the brake pads to determine whether to replace them. Generally, after driving 40000 kilometers, it can be inspected every six months. If any faults or problems are found, they should be replaced in a timely manner. Otherwise, at critical moments, brake failure can be dangerous.












02. Automotive tires

As is well known, a car has three parts, including the chassis and gearbox, but they are the only parts that come into direct contact with the ground. Obviously, the tires are heavy, supporting the entire weight of the car like four legs.
Since the tire comes into contact with the ground, it must withstand wear and tear. In fact, cars rely on the friction between the tires and the ground, and the tires wear out every time they drive.












03. Automotive “three filters”

The three filters of the car are oil filter, gasoline filter and air filter. Their purpose is to ensure the normal operation of the engine. After all, oil, air and gasoline are the three most needed substances for engine operation. Once there are more impurities in these substances, the service life of the engine will be shortened in serious cases.












The oil filter and air filter are usually replaced during each routine maintenance; However, gasoline filters are often overlooked. Gasoline filters mainly filter out impurities present in gasoline and replace them after 20000 to 30000 kilometers of installation, while replacing them after 50000 to 70000 kilometers of installation in the fuel tank.

04. Regularly clean up carbon deposits

For most car owners, they may not be unfamiliar with car carbon deposits, but it seems that most car owners are confused about how to clean up carbon deposits.
However, for the removal of carbon deposits, as most people are not very familiar with it, most of the main parts of the car are simply not made. However, the prolonged accumulation of carbon also has a certain impact on the performance of the car.